Food shelves need your help to provide healthy food options for individuals and families in need. Whether it’s purchasing healthy items at the grocery store, growing fresh produce in your garden, or making a financial contribution, there are many ways to help throughout the year.


The next time you’re at the grocery store, co-op, or farmers market, pick up a few healthy options to donate to your local food shelf. Select fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain items, and canned or prepared foods that are low in sodium, fat, and sugar. For a list of items to donate and items to avoid, check out the What to Donate page.


Your garden can help fight hunger when you plant an extra row of produce to donate to food shelves. By donating garden-grown produce to your local food shelf, you are contributing to the health of your community by providing nutritious food for people in need. By sharing part of your garden harvest with a local food shelf, you win too, by ensuring that none of your gardening efforts go to waste.

Interested in participating? Getting started is easy!

Connect: Find a food shelf near you that would like to receive fresh produce donations.

Plan: Talk to your local food shelf to find out what types of fresh produce they would most like to receive or check out a list of suggested items to donate)

Plant: Buy seeds at your local garden supply store for as little as $1 or join your Local Food Resource Hubs to get access to low-cost seeds, seedlings, and other gardening resources. Then, start planting!

Share: When it’s time to harvest, share the best of what you’ve grown with people in need. Food shelves appreciate receiving fresh, high quality produce at the peak of ripeness and nutritional value.


A Giving Garden is an innovative way for a business or organization to improve the health of their employees while providing nutritious foods for individuals and families in need. Learn more about Giving Gardens and the resources available to help you get started here.

Host a Healthy Food Drive

Food drives provide a great opportunity for worksites, schools, neighborhood groups, and places of worship to support Minneapolis food shelves. Learn how to host a food drive that emphasizes healthy, nutritious food donations here.


With your cash donation, food shelves can purchase healthy food items at wholesale or discount prices through food banks and other suppliers. Because of their ability to access special prices on bulk items, food shelves can really stretch your dollar and provide even more healthy foods than you might be able to do on your own.